Fix the paper jam problem in Brother Printer

Fix the paper jam problem

Paper jams should not be often as the brother printer that is helpful and it is very reliable. If there is probably a piece of paper in the center of the printer. You have to know some of the tips. You have to press both the release buttons at both the ends of the module at the same time and delete it.

You can remove the careful drag jam paper and keep away and clean any small piece of paper. If the paper jam is approved make sure that the printer can remove the carriage freely. You can remove the panel and carefully drag jam paper and keep away and clean any small piece of paper. Brother Technical support can oppress the button at the top of the module and open the door and clean the jammed paper and close and close the module.

Check out the carriage to see if it exists from the right side of the printer and in sight. If it is stuck then does not force to move because it can be damage your printer? As per the rule you should that the type of paper being printed is supported by your printer. Brother printer Support also remembers to store your paper where it is dry to avoid the moisture and printing can be difficult.

Steps to fix the jam in the printer

Step 1:

First you have to know that the power cannot be turned off while the printer is sending a fax when received the fax is being stored in the machine‘s memory. Brother Support can ensure the machine has completed in sending and receiving all the disconnect the power cord.

Step 2:

you can eliminate the paper on the front tray if any and do not touch the clear film as it can be damaged. Also, it can make sure the jammed paper is not under the cartridge holder. You can move the fine cartridge filter to remove the paper.

 Step 3:

you should hold the jammed paper and pull it slowly without tearing it. You can ensure that to remove all the jammed leaving any torn piece. If a paper remains to fix the paper jam by removing carefully from the inside of the machine to ensure the safety.

 Step 4:

you can close the output cover and reload the paper. Most probably all the print jobs are cancelled. Reprint if you want.

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