How can I fix the paper jam problem in xerox printer?


Paper Jam Problem in Xerox Printer

Paper Jam Problem РWe can hear in a certain situation to count the copies under the breath. When we hear paper may crumple and scrunch and our copy count stops on the 37 of 40.we cannot send the print job to the device and especially in our job. It can be waste of paper and the toner. If we leaving a paper jam is like the person and that never changes the paper towel roll in the break room. So it can be bad office etiquette. We should not like that it takes few minutes to clear the jam. Xerox Customer Support

How to fix a paper jam?

Step 1: we have to take look at our copier it will show us the location and where to open and access it.

Step 2: then we can turn the copier off and before that we can try to remove the paper.

Step 3: then gently grab the paper and pull it in the opposite direction it has been fed into the copier.

Step 4: we can look for the paper fragments. And we have a pair of tweezers that we can use them gently to remove small scraps and fragments of the paper.

Step 5: you can take a look at the roller to see if there is anything that could snag the paper.

Step 6: after that, we can close the machine and turn it back to be on.

Step 7: finally we have to follow the instructions to cancel the paper jam message.

 Prevention process printer

The best option is to keep the jams from happening at all. We have to clean our copiers regularly that can help us tremendously. And it can have a number of other preventative measures we can take as well.

How to prevent copier from jamming?

  • By using the clean paper we can absorb and moisture along with dirt. It is the best way to remove jam from the copier.
  • When we use the right paper it has the different weights and it can be measured by pounds of how much 500 sheets of paper in the standard size weigh.¬†Paper Jam Problem
  • The standard weight paper has 20 pounds is jam resistant and the mid weigh paper has 22 to 24 pounds. It is slightly less. When we finish the paper it is smooth.
  • And it can be contributed to the jamming. We have to make sure with the use of right settings on our copier for the different papers.
  • Then clean the glass. We should give our entire copier on the glass surfaces and it can make a quick clean with a soft cloth and regular glass cleaner.
  • A power conditioner will help us to extend the life of our equipment.

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