How to set-up Epson Printer on Wireless Network?

Epson delivers the variety of printers for the ease of users that can be used for multiple purposes whether in the home or in office. They provide best solutions to achieve the benefit from the printers for all businesses, and other commercial purposes.Set-up Epson Printer. Epson printers on the wireless network allow the user to connect to the smartphone, or tablet or any PC devices and enabling the user to print from anywhere in the world. Here will see how the Epson printers can be connected on the wireless network to provide the best solution for the Epson users.Set-up Epson Printer

Steps involved in connecting the Epson Printers on Wireless Networks

Required materials to get installed Epson Printer with the Wireless Network

  • Wireless Network
  • Epson products with wi-fi connectivity
  • Operating Systems
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9, 10.4.x, 10.5.x
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP 64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64

Following that, you will need,

  • Epson wireless printer
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Wireless router
  • Computer
  • Network Name (SSID) and wireless Security key

It involves 3 steps

  1. Set up printer
  2. Set up the computer – installing the software
  3. Easy Network Setup complete – Final Settings

Step 1: Set up Printer

  1. Switch on the printer power
  2. Connect Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the printer
  3. Connect the other end of Ethernet cable to LAN port on your wireless network device
  4. Make sure the installation is done successfully

Step 2: Set up the computer – installing the software

  1. Check to make sure that you connect to a wireless network that you want to use
  2. Insert the Epson software CD ROM that is supplied with your Epson product
  3. Then Epson menu will appear as
  4. Select the required language
  5. Check that the selected printer model is correct
  6. Click next to continue
  7. Read the Software License Agreement. After that, click agree and next
  8. In the next step, it will check the install mode that user want to use which include easy, custom or single install
    1. For home users, we suggest that you can select the easy install option
    2. All the products in the given box will get installed since it is necessary
  9. Then the user will be asked if they want to install the recommended software
  10. Click install to continue
  11. Now the drivers and software will get installed
  12. Select network and click next
  13. Now launch Epson Easy Network setup wizard
  14. Then select Set up the printer for the first time and click next
  15. Confirm settings and click next

Step 3: Easy Network Setup complete – Final Settings

  1. Choose the printer name and click next
  2. Check the status screen to make sure, if it completes final steps of installation
  3. Once completed click next
  4. Click finish and close

Now you can easily use the Epson printer Support that is being connected on the wireless network. Hope this article will help you, people, to connect to the network. set-up Epson Printer


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