How can I troubleshoot a non responding printer?

We have to check our cords and cables. And we have to ensure that the printer’s power cord is plugged into the wall outlet. And the USB cable is connected to the computer or laptop. We can do the visual inspection to open the top cover of the printer and do the visual inspection. And we can check for the struck paper or foreign objects and do remove carefully. We can identify the printer error or the printer issue. If on the first try the problem persists so go through the steps again and test more troubleshooting steps until the Non responding printer is workable again. We can restart our computer and if the computer has stopped to recognize our printer or print queue has stopped responding due to the software error.

We have to uninstall and reinstall the canon software. The obsolete software is a possible cause to a nonworking printer. We have tried to uninstall and reinstall the software that came with the printer and then we have to check the official canon website for the newer version of the software driver. We can check and review the canon printer software settings. Then open the printer software and click the properties or the options tab. and then choose the test alignment that can depend on the version of the software that can be being used. We have to wait for the printer to do this work.

Check all the printer connections

The most of the things we have to check first in the printers connections with the desktop to see and they are correctly plugged in. If the printer connects in a USB port try to connect it with the alternative USB port. For the wifi printers, we will need to check that the printer is connected to the correct wifi network. For example, it could be that the printer is not detecting the correct network name.

Run the printer troubleshooter in windows 10

Then next msdt.exe/id printer diagnostic into the run and press return to open the window. Now we can press the advanced button and click to run as administrator. We can press the next button to scan for and detect the Non responding printer issues. We can click run troubleshooter on this page to save the latest Microsoft printer troubleshooter to windows. So these are the ways to troubleshoot the printer. We can observe the indicator lights flashing in a specific pattern. Then we can check and consult the printer manual for the corresponding error code. So you can use the printer by troubleshooting. And get the printer well with following these steps.

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