Canon printer error code 6000 showing. How do I fix it?

It is like a wireless inkjet printer. Take your next step to the wireless printing with the canon’s PIXMA cloud-connected printers. That can allows you to print easily from virtual anywhere from any device. It can enhanced the PIXMA cloud can be give you the freedom to view and print the online content directly from the screen of your printer. It can be using without the PC.confirm your printer until the alarm lamp flashes once. Make sur3e if the lamp is next to the button and it has flash blue. Then go to your access point and then press the button within the 2 minutes. The message Canon printer error code 6000 error has occurred.

We have to turn off the printer again. If the problem assists we have to see the manual. It is displayed something which can be persists to see the manual. If it is displayed it can block the paper feed tray from the opening. If the canon printer is surrounded with the documents. When we copy the large documents such as books we have to make sure that it may be secure the clear space in front of the tray before painting. If the error message is displayed and we have to find something in front of the tray. Remove it. Then turn off the printer and back on again. After that the printer will be ready for printing process. If we have trouble we have to contact the repair service. If you have still trouble contacts the repair service.

Block the paper feed from opening

When we command printing the tray cannot be open and the Canon printer error code 6000 error can occur. If our command printing has the tray that cannot be open and the 6000 error occurs. In such a case remove any physical objects. It can prevent the tray from the opening and turn off the printer. Then turn on the printer and command the printing process.

When we copy large documents

If we command printing and the tray can be covered the Canon printer error code 6000 errors. If we command printing it removes any physical objects that can cover the trey and turn OFF the printer. It removes any physical objects that can cover the tray and we can turn OFF the printer. Then again turn ON the canon printer and command printing again. When we copy the larger documents we have to hold it in our hands while printing. When we copy the large documents hold them with your hands while printing. The request can be on the canon. The dealer we have purchased the machines for a repair service.

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