The Brother DCP-9015CDW printer and its features

Do you know how to choose your new printer? What should you notice? One of the first questions we must ask ourselves is what are we going to use it for and what will be the number of impressions we are going to make. So if you’re looking for quality in your home or work, this is your printer: the Brother DCP-9015CDW.

Many years have been spent on these devices and, throughout them, various technological improvements have been added to adapt to the needs of users. And it is that until recently it was necessary a cable or the same computer to print, but not anymore. Now connectivity has come to our lives to stay.

The Brother DCP-9015CDW printer is one of those equipment that provides quality and functionality. It is a multifunction device, capable of printing, scanning and photocopying. In fact, this type of printers are preferred by users, since they are capable of supporting large quantities of prints. This also makes them ideal for work groups that require the same device to work.

What features does the Brother DCP-9015CDW printer have?

Below, we list the most relevant features of the Brother DCP-9015CDW:

  • Versatility: one of the features that we ask a printer is that it is functional. Well, with this team we will be able to print our work both in a traditional way and via Wi-Fi. It is very important that printers are at the forefront in terms of connectivity and thanks to the iPrint & Scan function it is possible to print both from a tablet and from a Smartphone;
  • Toner at low cost: these equipments allow you to get the four toners very economically, investing less than 50 euros for them. If you are looking for a specific toner or cartridge for your printer, remember that WebCartucho can help you because we have a wide catalog.
  • Simple to understand: this multifunction Brother printer is easy to maintain. It has a Windows interface to fulfill its main functions, such as printing and scanning. In addition, it has a PaperPort 12SE software. This program is capable of managing all types of documents, as well as photos and files. In addition, it presents OCR technology, a system that provides assistance in the scanning process.
  • Meticulous design: the Brother DCP-9015CDW printer is also characterized by a meticulous and careful design. In it we can find a large touch screen, with many options, and just one button, which corresponds to the on and off.

Quality in the scanning and printing process: many printers only show us one type of resolution, depending on the document we are preparing to print. In the case of the Brother MFP it is possible to adapt it to what we really need; that is, to our demands. It is able to give great quality to the brightness and colors, providing meticulousness and detail.

Therefore, the Brother DCP-9015CDW printer is consolidated as one of the recommendations within its range for those seeking quality, functionality and savings. Finally, we remind you that in WebCartucho you can buy the 4 toners that the Brother DCP-9015CDW printer uses: it is TN241 model for black and TN245 models for cyan, magenta and yellow colors. This printer also uses a drum for each color.