How to Diagnose Canon Printer Problems

It is not unusual to face problems with printing devices from Canon. Many users face those errors due to technical reasons. At Canon Printer support USA, they can avail guidance or assistance in resolving these errors or problems. Professional executives are available at the support centre to extend their helping hand to the users. Now, a person could possibly come across various kinds of errors with Canon printing devices. In most of the cases, errors will be associated with certain error codes. In the following section, we shall find some error codes and their significance. This will help normal users to judge or diagnose Canon printer errors. For more information, you can obviously contact support for Canon Printer.

Error E13

When you get this error on screen, it suggests that your ink cartridges may have become empty. At this stage, you need to replace ink cartridges to get rid of this error code. Open front lid of your printer and then take our ink cartridge tray. Now, check the cartridge tanks carefully to understand the particular cartridge that has gone empty. It should be replaced with new one. To know that process, you can get in touch with Canon Printer support USA.

Error U162

This error code suggests some issues or problems with ink cartridges. After replacing ink cartridges, you may come across this error code. Typically, it may happen when you have not inserted replaced toner cartridge properly. To resolve this error, you need to check cartridge tray inside the printer and then you have to fix cartridge tanks to the tray properly. Call support for Canon Printer for seamless guidance.

Error E05

This error code suggests that print head inside your machine is not attached properly. It can happen if you try to move printer physically. During this time, the print head may have become loose. In other cases, it may happen when you try to clean the print head. When people face the paper jamming problem, they generally pull out print head to see if the paper is jammed under this part of the printer. When they reattach it, they make certain mistakes and that leads to error E05 with Canon printers. To learn more and to obtain step by step solutions, you should call Canon Printer support USA.

Error E14

This error is faced right after replacing ink cartridges. Now, people have two options for replacement cartridges. They can either go for original Canon cartridges, though these are quite costly. They can opt for cheap or low cost cartridges from other manufacturers. Now, all of them may not be compatible with your printing device. When there is a compatibility issue, you shall face this error on screen.

Error 1487

This error code refers to a situation when replaced ink cartridges have been attached to the tray in wrong way. You should check device manual when installing new cartridges in order to avoid the occurrence of this error. For more information and troubleshooting measures, you should call support for Canon Printer. At support centre, you shall obtain complete guidance.

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