How do I scan with a Samsung multifunction printer on a Mac?

A simple way to hook scanner with Mac:

Generally, we assist two major methods are available to make the connection, first set your multi-function printer or scanner via a USB cable or else make the connection through Ethernet or wireless network by means of the secured configuration network.

Now you have to select the option of Apple=> System Preferences=> choose View=> Print & Scan and then click on the + icon to view the printer but remember only when you install the scanner update only the scanning process can be done.

Things to look before going to take scan:

  • Check previously if the scanners are turned ON and it connected perfectly without showing any errors.
  • Either you have authorized administrator account name and password for your Mac.

Next way for scanning:

Before that analyse if you have downloaded and install the Easy Printer Manager and Scan Assistant if not then make it first then only our assisted steps will be work down.

You have to hit on the Easy Printer Manager and Scan Assistant available on the Software tab from the Driver tab.

Numerous options to scan:

They are,

  • Image Capture
  • Preview
  • Print & Fax preferences in System Preferences
  • Scanner / Printer queue
  • Some third-party applications
  • Steps you need to make:

Step 1:

Keep the latest version of printer and scanner software, and then click on the Easy Printer Manager icon under a dock.

Step 2:

Hit the Scan button by following it Scan Assistant will be viewed.

Step 3:

Now the status of the scanner will be identified by means of it mode that is,

When the Scan button is grayed out then there,is an issue in the printer or else the proper Scan Assistant software is not installed.

If the Scan Assistant screen shows the normal settings then make changes via the option of default Scan Settings and Preference which is addressed with a lot of options like

  • Image Type
  • Resolution
  • Scan Size
  • Document Source
  • Pages to Scan
  • Connect the scanner

Step 4:

Afterwards, if your scanner is ready to take scan means before than view out its status by clicking on the Preview option even it is required necessary to make the modification.

Step 5:

Then by keeping the accurate format, the scanned image will be viewed on the window and so don’t forget to save the scanned image file properly.

Step 6:

Besides it is vital to look for the format of the file to save it correctly, in that case, make the PDF option so that no alteration will have occurred on the scanned image.

Step 7:

And then finally hit the Save button it will be saved on your Mac system.

Do the scanning process as we mentioned since it is given on the basis of latest scan software update.

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